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Our Classes

We have a wide range of sewing classes open to everyone and suitable for all ages and levels. 


Introduction to Sewing - Level 1

Classes designed for our youngest students (5-6 years of age). These are multi-activity classes where students explore a wide range of sewing based skills and techniques. Key foundational sewing techniques are introduced through play and the classes focus on building students confidence, social, hand-eye
coordination and dexterity as well as fine motor skills. Plastic sewing needles are used gradually moving onto real needles. 

Introduction to Sewing - Level 2

From 7-11 years. At level 2 students continue to build on their hand sewing skills as well as being guided in operating a sewing machine. Students will work on mastering how to thread a needle, tie knots as well as basic hand stitching types such as running stitch, whip stitch, chain stitch, blanket stitch and embroidery. Creative projects are fun and functional encouraging students to hone in on improving their skillset.

Level 2 sewing

Introduction to Sewing - Level 3

 At level 3, there is a stronger focus on learning the operations of the sewing machine. Learnings introduce students to the foundations of setting up the machine, winding the bobbin and changing the needle. This is needed to develop confidence and become independent in troubleshooting during projects. Working with larger pieces of fabrics students will advance skills by learning how to insert zips, make buttonholes and waistband casings. 

Mini Stitches

Our dressmaking for kids 'Mini Stitches' follows the design principles of construction. Students take part in fitting sessions taking accurate body measurements, understanding size charts, cutting patterns, reading pattern markings and sewing. A highly technical class which teaches work ethic, perseverance, dedication, motivation, focus, patience and pride.

Run as a Saturday Club this programme introduces young people to the creative skills & opportunities involved in fashion. From sketching, styling & sewing students will develop practical and technical skills as well as key transferable skills, such as creative problem-solving and confidence.

New class taking place on Saturday 30th September - 21st October 2023


Private Sewing Lessons

This is a class designed to inspire and help students discover their talent and passion for sewing. Private sewing lessons are perfect as a solo class or bring a friend along. Suitable for all ages with each session lasting 1.5 hours and has been designed for beginners & improvers. 


We introduce sewing techniques & learning habits to provide students with a good foundation of knowledge that encourages self confidence to join other classes in the future and continue their sewing training.



Holiday Camps

Sew Ready Camps are aimed at 6-15 year olds introducing everyone to a variety of sewing skills and techniques. Camp allows students to enjoy learning in a stress free environment, encouraging a natural love for sewing and forming new friendships. Our holiday camps inspire creativity, new skills, self confidence, drive and a sense of achievement through each project.

Halloween Camp 2023 is now open for Bookings!
Join in the fun by selecting pay as you go. Registration is required to book. 

Saturday 28th October - Sewing day & Movie Night £13 

Camp will take place Monday 30th Oct- Friday 4th Nov.

Monday: 9am - 1pm 
Tuesday: 9am - 1pm
Wednesday - OFF
Thursday: 9am - 1pm 
Friday: 9am - 1pm

Summer Camp

Community Partnerships

Community connectivity is an essential part of our mission and we have seen the importance of communities coming together since the pandemic. We deliver project led programmes designed with your community group in mind. We introduce a vast array of sewing techniques through leisure sewing classes, dressmaking, embroidery & one-off workshops encouraging everyone to come together for social interaction, to deliver support for groups in one place, access services and to engage in positive community activity.

After School Sewing Club

Delivered in local primary schools, this 1 hour class has a strong focus on learning hand sewing and learning stitch types, such as running stitch, blanket stitch, whip stitch, chain stitch and embroidery. 

A fun class that helps students improve and master sewing techniques in a familiar learning environment. Highly recommended to anyone interested in sewing on a weekly basis. If you would like to see Sew Ready come to your school, please take a look at our school plans for further details.


Birthday Parties

Get ready to be the star of the show, wow your friends and have lots of fun sewing on your birthday hosted at Sew Ready. This will be a birthday you won't forget, choosing from hand sewing or machine sewing, you will learn new skills and all take home your very own sewn creation. Suitable for 7+ year olds. 

This package includes:

- Private hire of Sew Ready studio

- 1.5hour group sewing lesson

- Sewing themed gift for birthday child & more


To request our full birthday package/ book in for your birthday party, please email us at

Parent & Child Events

Has your child has been at Sew Ready and now you're thinking of learning or getting a sewing machine at home?
Join us for exclusive events throughout the year where we invite you and your child to enjoy a day of sewing. This class gives your child the opportunity to show you what they've learnt so far and allows you to see their new skills in action. Sharing as a duo sewing project, together you will make beautiful things and create memories to last a lifetime. 


Fashion for Good

Designed for 14+ year olds. Our Youth-led programme will run for 6-12 weeks introducing young people to the many creative aspects within the fashion and textile industry.

This course will specialise in design processes involved in garment making and production, including colour boards, mood boards, trend forecasting, and range plans. The programme will have a strong focus on sustainability and how we can do good for the planet through fabric choices & patterns. Guest speakers will be invited to provide industry knowledge discussing potential educational & career pathways. 

Fashin for Good
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Other Classes

We also offer a range of other classes:

- Community impact classes

- Adult classes

- Alteration classes

- Sashiko & Mending classes

- Sip & Stitch classes

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