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School Plans

We offer a fun and interactive introduction to sewing for p4 - p7 pupils. Classes delivered as an after school club or during school  hours. 


After school clubs

After school clubs bring a sense of joy and playfulness to learning. Taught in school, students will gain a deeper appreciation for hand sewing through creative projects with an emphasis on perfecting stitch types, design and teamwork while building friendships.

Each week students will be introduced to new stitch types, learning how to thread needles and tie knots - skills that will last a lifetime. 

Scheduled Sewing Class

In partnership with schools we offer an introduction to sewing for p4 pupils during timetabled hours. Over 3 weeks students will learn basic hand sewing skills creating beautiful handmade projects they are proud of. Working individually, the whole class will learn how to sew using a running stitch, whip stitch and embroidery. Creative projects are fun and functional and allow students to flourish & discover hidden talents.


Benefits of Sewing 

This is the perfect in class or after school club for pupils and teachers to learn new creative skills and techniques within sewing & design. Each week our lessons allow children to develop their skills, grow in confidence and produce beautiful projects they are proud of. 


Sewing workshops will help pupils by:​

- Learning new creative skills

- Encouraging focused attention 

- Promoting self expression 

- Reducing stress

- Decreasing anxiety

- Building on coping skills

- Aiding relaxation

- Forming new friendships

Be part of our Sewing Revolution

Children love being creative, exploring new things and at Sew Ready we believe school is the best place to both learn and try new things.


Sew Ready offers carefully thought out lessons plans, that are both fun and educational. We have a full range of sewing based topics for primary school children aged 7-11 years that can be covered throughout the academic year.

Please contact us if you are interested in Sew Ready running within your School 

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