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Our policies and procedures explain how our Sew Ready activities are done safely and meet regulations and legal requirements. 

Policies set the standard we need to meet. The procedures explain the practical steps we take to be confident in following policy.

All volunteers must read and follow these policies and procedures to make sure we give everyone the best experience. If you have any questions you can contact us.


Adult members policy
Our policy on who can be a member of Sew Ready and the benefits and expectations of membership.

Anti-bullying and harassment policy
Find out how we define bullying and harassment, and what the roles of our volunteers and members are in upholding our ethos.

Complaints policy
Our complaints policy supports all Sew Ready members, volunteers, staff, parents or third parties who have a complaint.

Covid-19 safety measures policy
This policy outlines the measures we are taking to reduce the risk of COVID-19 at our camps and to keep our Sew Ready community safe. 

Digital Safeguarding policy
This policy covers all activities online – such as email, social media, blogs, virtual meetings – as well as all devices provided by Sew Ready.

Donation acceptance policy
This policy for volunteers, staff and trustees explains our approach to donations and how to decide what to refuse and to accept.

Equality and diversity policy
Discover our policy on including everyone – whatever their faith, race, culture, nationality or sexual orientation.

Health safety and welfare policy
Find out what volunteers' responsibilities are when it comes to the health, safety and welfare of our members and anyone in contact with us.

Managing information policy
The managing information policy covers data protection and records retention. Find out how to collect and use personal data appropriately and store it safely.

Safeguarding policy
Safeguarding and promoting the safety and wellbeing of children & adults is our first priority at Sew Ready. Read our safeguarding policy.

Volunteer code of conduct
Our volunteer code of conduct maps out what is expected of you and your responsibilities as a volunteer, and how to work with others in Sew Ready.

Young members policy
Read our young members policy to find out about the benefits and expectations of being a young member, and how parents and carers can best support their child.

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