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Let's get Ready to Sew


This is the perfect in class or after school workshop for pupils and teachers to learn new creative skills and techniques within Sewing & Design. Our sewing lessons allow children to grow in confidence and produce beautiful handmade artwork. 


The sewing workshops will help pupils by:

Learning new creative skills

Encouraging focused attention 

Promoting self expression 

Reducing stress

Decreasing anxiety

Building on coping skills

Aiding relaxation

Image by Karly Santiago



Would your pupils like to learn how to sew?


Children love being creative and our sessions are both fun and educational. We have a full range of sewing based topics for primary school children aged 5-12 years that can be covered in progression throughout the academic year.

Please contact us if you are interested in Sew Ready running within your School.

Tuesdays are my favourite day in school because we have Sarah. She teaches us different stitching techniques and I get to chose what to design . I love Sew Ready as I have learnt how much fun sewing can be. I can now sew on my own buttons if they fall off and even taught my mum.    

- Kristen p7

At Girlguides we are working towards our Up-cycling badge. We did a 3week course with Sew Ready learning how to repurpose our old jeans and turn them into a tote bag. I loved the whole experience, it was so much fun and I would definitely make it again. 

- Holly Year 8 

I have really enjoyed the Sew Ready workshops. They have made me more aware of how important sewing skills are in repairing our clothes and keeping them away from landfill. I am more conscious of ethical fashion and how to make clothing last longer and Sew Ready definitely educated me in how to look after my clothes.     - Freya Year 10

This was my first time learning how to sew and I really liked it. Sarah made the lesson really fun, we made a bookmark. I think every school should have this because you will learn lots and it's fun     

- Pippa p5

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