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Approved: 2nd April 2022
Version: 1.0
Content owner: Volunteer experience


This procedure explains how to respond to safeguarding disclosures, allegations or concerns.


As a volunteer, or someone involved in Sew Ready, you must know how to use the safeguarding procedure.


This procedure explains how you use the safeguarding policy when you recognise, receive, or report a safeguarding allegation, concern or disclosure.

What is safeguarding?

In Sew Ready, safeguarding is the action we take to promote the welfare of young children, young adults and adults and protect them from harm.

What is our safeguarding structure?

Sew Ready’s safeguarding allows us to use our safeguarding policy and procedures effectively. So we can proactively safeguard participants, volunteers and staff


  • Sew Ready Safeguarding - Our Safeguarding manages the allegations, concerns and disclosures reported by volunteers, staff or external agencies. The safeguarding adheres to UK legislation and makes sure Sew Ready is legally compliant and demonstrating effective safeguarding practice.

  • Volunteers - Safeguarding is the responsibility of all volunteers. Volunteers must complete appropriate safeguarding training. Volunteers should be alert, seek advice and support, and report any allegations, concerns, or disclosures.


When you make a safeguarding report, you need to include the following:  

  • Who you are, your contact details, your role in Sew Ready, if appropriate.

  • Who or what you are making a report about, including names and number of people involved, if known. 

  • Where and when the events of the report happened. 

  • Any action you took about the allegation, concern, or disclosure before making this report. 


It would be helpful if you could also include: 

  • A clear and concise summary. You could use bullet points and notes, that follow a logical order of the incident.

  • Any previous concerns or incident you have had about the person who is the subject of the report. 

  • Any supporting documents and correspondence. 


Bear in mind the following when reporting your concerns: 

  • You must state very clearly if you are concerned about the person’s immediate safety. 

  • Keep fact and opinion separate. 

  • Identify any help given to, or needed by, the person. 


Sew Ready will work with external agencies, as and when needed and take any next steps necessary to make sure that all those involved are protected from any further harm.


How does Sew Ready address safeguarding allegations, concerns or disclosures?

Reports will be dealt with in different ways depending on their nature, severity, complexity and those involved.

Sew Ready Director will receive the report first - whether it’s by phone call or email. They assess the risk and then do the following:

  • Contact those concerned and discuss the points to be considered.

  • If you still feel your concern is not being dealt with in the way that you would expect you can escalate your concerns by contacting 


If an investigation has resulted in a sanction being placed on your participation at Sew Ready, you have the right to request an appeal to the Director at who will explain if the appeal is granted and how it will be carried out.

Sew Ready policies and procedures are reviewed and updated from time to time as part of a review cycle.

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