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Approved: 2nd April 2022
Version: 1.0
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Our volunteer code of conduct maps out what is expected of you and your responsibilities as a volunteer, and how to work with others in Sew Ready.


Your Volunteer Code of Conduct maps out what is expected of you at all times.

This is Sew Ready’s expectation of how you work with others when working with other volunteers, staff and young children, young adults, and members of the public, including parents and partner organisations. 


By following this Code of Conduct you'll be able to check that you're doing the right thing and behaving in the right way. You'll be reminded that the Sew Ready mission and values are to be caring, challenging, empowering, fun, inclusive and inspiring.

Most important of all, you'll be sure you are helping deliver our programme and activities, which makes for a great sewing experience. All volunteers contribute to good programme delivery, whether you're working with young children, young adults or supporting other adults in Sew Ready.

This Code supports you by making your responsibilities clear for you. Take it seriously and follow it with pride.

Your Sew Ready Volunteer Code of Conduct

As a Sew Ready volunteer you must always:

  • Be a good role model with behaviour and an attitude that are in line with our values and mission statement.

  • Comply with all applicable UK laws and guidance.

  • Make sure you follow Sew Ready policies and procedures and re-read them regularly so you are informed of updates. If you have gaps in your understanding, talk to a member of staff.

  • Be responsible and accountable in the way you perform your role.

  • Be fair and treat everyone with respect and dignity in accordance with our Equality and Diversity policy.

  • Respect privacy in line with our policies and guidance.

  • Communicate in an open, transparent and respectful way, whether in person, by phone, writing or digital media.

  • Work together with Sew Ready participants, their children, parents or carers and members of the public to promote the Sew Ready mission and values.


As a Sew Ready volunteer you must not act fraudulently or dishonestly. Or do anything which brings, or is likely to bring, Sew Ready into disrepute or have a negative impact on Sew Ready or its reputation.

What happens if I don’t follow the Code?

Where someone doesn’t follow the Code, it's known as a breach. If someone believes you've acted in a way that breaches this Code, they are entitled to let us know and we will formally investigate.

Sew Ready policies and procedures are reviewed and updated from time to time as part of a review cycle.

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