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Approved: 2nd April 2022
Version: 1.0
Content owner: Data protection

At Girlguiding we use personal data and information every day.

We couldn’t operate without it - and all our Girlguiding staff and volunteers must make sure they collect and use information appropriately and store it safely.

This policy is a legal requirement and it protects the privacy of our members, volunteers, customers and employees.

The Managing Information Policy sets out how Girlguiding aims to make sure all our information is managed appropriately. It must be followed by all volunteers and staff who handle Girlguiding information and personal data.

What do we use personal data and information for?

Sew Ready needs to keep personal data about many people including; its employees,  members, volunteers, customers, supporter and ambassadors in order to:

  • Deliver good level of services to everyone

  • Safely recruit and develop volunteers and employees

  • Safeguard young people and vulnerable adults

  • Monitor performance

  • Monitor health and safety

  • Manage other functions helping us to give Sew Ready services to our members

  • Collect and process personal data to ensure that Sew Ready complies with its statutory obligations

Why volunteers and employees must follow this policy

As a Sew Ready volunteer or employee you must follow all our policies and procedures, including this Managing Information Policy and the supporting procedures. If you don’t follow this policy and its related procedures you may, as staff, have disciplinary proceedings applied or if you’re a volunteer, action under the managing concerns about volunteers policy.

While data protection legislation only applies to personal information, Sew Ready requires its volunteers and employees to follow this policy and its supporting procedures when processing any kind of information, personal or otherwise, belonging to Sew Ready. This is to ensure best practice at all times.

Sew Ready policies and procedures are reviewed and updated from time to time as part of a review cycle.

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