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Adult Students


Approved: 2nd April 2022
Version: 1.0
Content owner: Volunteer experience

The online space is being used more and more by all of us at Sew Ready.

It's exciting, but it can have some challenges. That’s why we need to follow our digital safeguarding policy and our code of conduct when connecting and communicating online.
These procedures set out how to put the digital safeguarding policy into practice.

Using digital technology

  • If you're using a laptop, tablet, smartphone or similar device that's owned by Sew Ready, you must agree to use it safely, securely, and responsibly.

  • You can use your personal device for Sew Ready business. Follow these procedures to reduce the risks and protect our members. If you are using your own device for guiding business, then you must be transparent, open to scrutiny and follow the digital safeguarding policy.

Using social media

Email, social media and the internet are great tools for contacting other members, welcoming new people and volunteers to Sew Ready and promoting Sew Ready.

We want our social media channels to reflect the values we uphold as an organisation; to be kind, courteous, educating, thoughtful of others, inclusive, inspiring and above all, fun.

Digital devices during workshops/events

We prefer everyone to refrain from using their phones and devices during events or other activities. This way we can provide a fuller experience, however we do allow them to be brought to any events or workshops. We would ask that you follow the below guidelines.

  • Use their mobile phone or other device appropriately and responsibly. Make sure they know how to get permission before sharing photos or videos.

  • Using social media responsibly and safely, within the Sew Ready community guidelines and terms and conditions of the platform. Remember to talk about any age restrictions.

Young members must not:

  • Use their device to bully, harass, alarm, distress or harm another person.

  • Share images or videos on social media without permission.

  • Access, download, view or distribute inappropriate, indecent, discriminatory or hate material.

  • Contact volunteers directly without their parents or carers permission, except in an emergency.

  • Send friend requests  to or follow volunteers' individual or personal accounts without their parents or carers permission.

  • Use social media inappropriately, or use channels where they do not meet the age restrictions.

  • Share indecent, sexually explicit or inappropriate material.

  • Be in a one-to-one conversation with a volunteer. Someone may want to speak privately with a volunteer, but we advise against it and it must be avoided whenever possible.

Our young member policy sets out our expectations of young members.

In cases of child and adult safeguarding and protection all volunteers should refer to our safeguarding policy.

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