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Approved: 2nd April 2022
Version: 1.0
Content owner: Growth and insight


We're part of a global youth movement that celebrates diversity and is committed to equality and respect for all our members and potential members.

Our vision is an equal world where all girls can make a positive difference, be happy, safe and fulfil their potential. To achieve this vision we hold ourselves, those acting on our behalf and our members to high standards of conduct. This includes treating all young members and volunteers fairly, with respect and with dignity.

Sew Ready’s policies and supporting information provide a structure in which guiding can take place safely, consistently, and in accordance with the law.

Our Equality and diversity policy must be followed by all our members and volunteers.

Sew Ready aims to be an equal opportunities provider of services and association of members.


Protecting our members

No Sew Ready young member or volunteer should be disadvantaged by unjustifiable conditions or requirements, or experience less-favourable treatment because of any of the protected characteristics of the Equality Act 2010:

Ethnic origin, nationality (or statelessness) or race

Age (18+)

Disability, including mental health

Religion or belief, including the absence of belief

Marital or civil partnership status

Sexual orientation

Pregnancy and maternity

Gender reassignment




Class or socio-economic status

Political belief

Being a carer


The list above also includes when someone is treated unfavourably because others believe they are a member of a group even if they are not, or if they are treated poorly due to friends, family, or other people they know being a member of one of these groups.

Upholding this policy

Sew Ready exists to support young people and adults alike, helping them to develop sewing skills. A key way of achieving our mission and vision is by ensuring everyone has a greater awareness of the fashion industry guided by industry role models for our members.

We’re committed to extending sewing skills in all parts of society.  


Our members have an individual responsibility to fulfil this policy and work towards our vision of ensuring all can fulfil their potential. No one involved in Sew Ready should behave towards someone in a way that violates their dignity, or creates a degrading, humiliating, hostile, intimidating or offensive environment.

Anyone who raises a concern or challenges discrimination will be supported. No one will be treated differently because they have sought to promote equality or challenge discrimination.

All Sew Ready volunteers are required to behave in accordance with the Equality and diversity policy. To carry out its work, Sew Ready seeks to appoint effective and appropriate volunteer leaders.

This helps us to fulfil our legal obligations to ensure non-discrimination and ensures we foster good relations between different people and uphold the values which help us achieve our vision.

The overriding consideration in making volunteer appointments in Sew Ready shall be the safety and security of young people, and their continued development in accordance with the mission and values of Sew Ready.

Accordingly, all those whom Sew Ready accepts as volunteers must be 'fit and proper' persons to undertake the duties of the position to which they have been appointed, within the constraints imposed by the need for Sew Ready to ensure:

  • The safety and security of young people and adults

  • The continued development of young people and adults

  • Equal opportunities for all


Useful Resources
Documents and resources that support this policy.

>  Mental health & guidance
>  Social inclusion

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