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Easter Eggs


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Finding Your Way to
Sew Ready Camp this
Easter break!

How to find us

We are pleased to be hosting camp at our very own premises in Lisburn on Chapel Hill. This is where we will be signing in children and hosting the camp. There is plenty of parking for parents near by. Please note the car park besides the chapel is Pay & Display, please pay for at least 15 minutes, this should be sufficient for camp sign in. 


Introducing your Camp Manager

Your Camp Manager is Sarah Hoppé


During camp dates and opening hours you can reach your Camp Manager on 07584320527

(note: this number is not for bookings, if you have a booking enquiry, please email our customer service

team on


What you need to know

Booking details: Please review your booking one final time to double check your dates, child/children's details and contact numbers are correct.


Bookings: Please take your email confirmation along with you (either printed out or on a smart phone/tablet), to help speed up check in and registration.

Packed lunch: Please send your child with a healthy packed lunch & a bottle of water. Breakfast and snacks will be provided


What to bring: Please refer to our Checklist here for a full list.


Clothing: Paint may be used in some art activities. We advise sending children in/with suitable clothing.


International customers: Please ensure you have provided a UK contact number in case of an emergency. Check out our handy checklist here.


Start times: You are welcome to drop your child off between 9:45-10am. If you are planning to drop off early, please contact the camp manager on the phone number listed above at least 12 hours prior to make arrangements. There will be an additional fee of £2 per child per day.


Late pick-ups: Please be aware Sew Ready is starting its next event at 3:30pm and would kindly remind parents to pick up children by 3pm. Any children collected late will be subject to the late pick-up charge outlined in the terms and conditions. 


Non-attendance: All parents need to notify the Camp Manager if a child is not able to attend camp. Refunds will be at the discretion of the Camp Manager.


Behaviour: We operate a behaviour code of conduct; please visit our policies and procedures for full details.


All electronic items: (including but not limited to: mobile phones, tablets, and game consoles) are allowed at camp but should be kept on silent and only used during lunch time or if they ask permission. No photos or videos to be taken during camp that may contain others. If this is no adhered to phones will be confiscated and handed back to the parent at sign out.


Health and Safety on Camp: It is part of our commitment to the health and safety of all children attending our camps, that each session children will be/are of high standards of hygiene and cleanliness are regulated and upheld in line with current NHS and Government updates and advice. We would like to reassure all parents that existing control measures are in place on camp, ensuring that children are encouraged to maintain good personal hygiene and that appropriate sanitary provisions are available to all. Hand sanitiser will be provided. 


COVID-19 Secure Camps Policy: Please read our official statement regarding coronavirus here


Specific needs and information: On first arrival please be sure to let your Camp Manager know of any specific needs that your child may have that have not already been shared.

Special Notes: Our camps are NUT FREE environments. Please do NOT pack any type of nuts into your child's lunch due to allergies. *Please be aware that many snacks and lunch box bars contain nuts, please always check the ingredients list*


Medication on camp: If your child requires any medication whilst attending camp, we ask all parents to complete this section on our consent form and bring it with you on your child’s first day. If you are unable to complete and print a form to bring with you, we will ask you to do this on your child’s first day when arriving at sign in.


Industry leading quality and service: We are proud of our reputation for offering quality camps and excellent service. If you experience any issues, no matter how small, please ensure you raise these in the first instance with the Camp Manager so that we have the earliest possible chance of helping or putting something right.



Contacting us

If you have any questions, or indeed have any further childcare needs or want to enquire about your child/children's friends joining camp, please do not hesitate to contact us on


Your Camp Manager

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